Handlebar Coffee Roasters

Our challenge was to create a place which reflects its owners, high energy, but chill! An intentional space to interact, socialize, work and study. A space that actively engages the customer into the process and art of roasting coffee – while they sip and taste the quality of specialty coffee drinks, craft beers, fine wines, and the most delicious, handmade on site, pastries and creative cuisine.

Possibly most important…we wanted to capture the owners’ ability to create a sense of family, a place of belonging and the warmth of home, every day!!

The space itself, located on De La Vina Street, has historic roots in Santa Barbara, originally a grocery & produce market dating back to the early 1930’s.
(This is location #2. The original HB is on Canon Perdido… another gem.)

Studio Pure Form Architecture

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Handlebar Coffee Roasters