How We Work

A holistic process, a unique result

Pure Form combines decades of experience with an uncommonly open-minded and intuitive nature. Through a process that values self-discovery, experience and connectivity, we work with you to build timeless, deeply personal places, so you might live and perform to your highest expression.

Our Approach
Work with Pure Form and you’ll find us to be intellectually curious and refreshingly honest, eagerly exploring and pushing the limits of any boundaries as we seek to break free from them. As we get to know you through our unique process your Pure Form emerges. We’re eager to incorporate our experiences and practices in service of your project.


Our Process
1. We Listen.
We believe that when we, as designers and creators, forge a deeper, more intuitive connection with our clients and their land, our process becomes more fluid and seamless — and it better equips us to create a pure expression of place. For us, this begins by listening and learning your language, from which your Pure Form takes shape.

As the three of us — you, your land and Pure Form – meet, the relationship begins. From this beginning, as our feet hit the dirt, so does the creative process. In our dedication to this process, we will spend generous time listening, learning and studying the environment where your project will eventually take its built form. In tandem we focus on you, using a playful approach and exploration to help you to tune in, so that we can align our process with you. It’s through this focused, intentional learning period that we produce a thoughtful, integrated and inspired concept and design response that reflects the interconnectedness of all.

2. We Articulate.
As our understanding and connectivity deepens, we begin to create and express thoughts and ideas in a three-dimensional capacity. This is a very exciting time in the process; the period where we carefully consider all we’ve seen, heard, perceived and felt, and then put pencil to paper.

3. You Experience!
As we continue to collaborate and nurture the concept and vision, unique only to you and the land upon which it rests, something truly special happens. Your “living medicine” — your pure form, in the physical place and with all the surrounding components where you were meant to live and/or work — have all come together. Now, the true realization of our process and approach is a built reality.
These are qualities we hope you come to question and know…

  • Do you feel more aligned, cared for, connected and understood?
  • Does this feel like ‘home’ as an extension of you and the land?
  • Are you thriving in ways that are new to you, even ways that you may not be able to identify?
  • Is this the place you feel you were always meant to be?

These are the measures that matter, the goals that truly define the success of every project we undertake. It’s why we’re here, and how we are meant to serve.

​Want to know more about how we work?

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