Waking up to Lisa Stidd and what a gift she is took me some time. Her sweet, authentic, curious and open spirit didn’t become immediately apparent to me because she is humble and doesn’t demand attention. She was a sleeper, at least for me, but when I did begin to “get” her, I wanted more. She calms doubts and empowers positive movement toward one’s highest self. She is joyful and playful and not afraid of life in all its colorful twists and turns. She is healing. She is a gift.

Lisa draws people to her. Those that are drawn become curious to learn more about what she is doing. Enthusiastically, Lisa wants to share, and her work as a designer is her focus and where she makes the biggest impact. That is what I will be learning about: How she designs. My role will be to document her process.

At the simplest level, Lisa is creating a space that will nurture the whole client – mind, body and spirit – via the environment in which they have chosen to live. The “Three” in her original company name is the triad of the client, the earth/environment, and Lisa – the channel that connects the other two. The results are phenomenal. Clients contact Lisa after living in their healing home and share great enthusiasm over their connection to the space and the land.
When I think about the results of her work, I am reminded of the physics of a rainbow…. A rainbow requires three things to exist: the correct humidity, light, and the observer’s eye. These three things must also be within a certain angle and range in relation to each other. Likewise, Lisa sees her clients in relationship with their land, and from a pure perspective, the natural structure presents itself. She is the observer without which there is no rainbow.

As I ask questions and accumulate notes I begin to wonder if there are others who share Lisa’s perspectives or ways of doing things. What I find are various overlapping themes in the fields of neuroscience, quantum physics, psychology, and eastern religion, among others. These overlapping ideas I will explore in future posts. Please join me on the journey!